At Sales Operations Systems, we offer a variety of products for the renewable energy and natural resource management industries.  Each of the systems are customizable to the particular needs of your application.  Let us analyze your application and we will help you build the most efficient system using our available technology.

Flameless Hot Oiler System
OmniTherm’s Flameless Hot Oiler Systems provide a safe, cost effective solution to paraffin wax build up in critical oil well systems.  Our heater is totally self contained thus providing a non-flammable and environmentally safe solution.  It can also be used 24 hours a day with minimal service and set up.  Customized systems can be adapted to your specific needs.

Heat Recovery and Conversion Systems
SOS has partnerships with many heat recovery equipment developers, giving us the ability to customize a system to meet your specific needs.

Snow Reclamation Systems
Similar to the Hot Oiler product, our snow reclamation system incorporates a dynamic heat generator with a sturdy delivery system allowing our units to travel where other systems cannot venture.  By utilizing the flameless technology, we can provide an environmentally safe system that can quickly melt the largest of snow build up.

Fire Fighting Systems
Our unique, patented fire fighting system can be deployed in hazardous conditions easily and safely because of its small footprint.  Easily stowed in the back of a standard pickup truck, it can be remotely operated and quickly extinguish vehicle, equipment, small building and other types of fires in a matter of minutes.